Now we can proudly display the Apple banner for another three years!

Students are encouraged to bring along their own device and, for those who don’t have them, we can help you purchase a new one at a specially discounted rate via a monthly payment scheme.

It means that sharing ideas and collaborating in lessons is simple, being organised is easy and submitting work and getting it marked is much quicker than before.

Having the advantage of thousands of educational apps really brings learning to life and allows our students to access classwork and resources online, anywhere, at any time.

First introduced in 2014/15, this initiative is proving highly valuable and is transforming the way students learn at the College. Based exclusively on Apple iPad technology, the project has enhanced students’ experience and interaction in the classroom. Staff have received extensive training in the use of this powerful technology and have developed imaginative delivery techniques to engage students in a variety of ways.

97% of our students said they felt empowered to use technology and online resources to support their learning*

*Based on recent Ofsted Learner View Results

iPad devices are extensively used by staff and students, adding many benefits to every day learning:

  • Transforming the way students learn
  • Independent research made easy
  • Completion and submission of work is quicker and easier
  • Sharing ideas and collaborating in lessons is simple
  • Keeping organised has never been more straightforward
  • Creativity and innovation using multiple apps is an ideal way to enhance your digital skills

As a student, you'll have access to:

  • Thousands of educational apps, combining text, video and audio in every subject and covering every teaching and learning style
  • Downloadable ibooks, many of them free – an entire library at your fingertips
  • Google classroom for accessing class work and resources online
  • Integrated and interactive systems in every classroom
  • One-to-one teacher-student communication, assessment and feedback
  • iPad screen 'mirroring' to the whiteboard
  • Reliable, comprehensive and simultaneous wi-fi connections in all areas of the campus

Purchase options

We strongly advise that all students have access to an Apple iPad or similar device. The scheme offers some additional flexibility, allowing students to bring their own tablet if they wish.

If you already have your own iPad or other tablet device, you are welcome to use this in College. You will be able to connect to our Wi-Fi network and systems, however, we will not accept any liability of damage or loss.

The College can discount the purchase of a new iPad (including case, 3 year extended warranty and 2 year insurance plan) via a monthly payment scheme in conjunction with our supplier, Academia Ltd.

For the basic model (iPad Wi-Fi 32GB) you would need to pay a deposit of around £40, followed by 24 payments of around £18.  We will pay the equivalent of £6 per month towards your iPad via a termly rebate, reducing your monthly payment to the equivalent of under £12.

There are other model options available for 2021/22 for a higher specification iPad, but please note, these do not include the college subsidy.

iPads purchased via the scheme will be sent to your home address.

Purchase your iPad now

Terms & conditions:

  • Exact device specification will depend on the iPad range available at the time of study. In 2023/24, we are offering a subsidy on the iPad Wi-Fi 32GB model, provided with a case, 3 year extended warranty and 2 year insurance plan (covering accidental damage and theft).
  • Higher specification devices are also available via the monthly payment scheme including iPad Air.
  • The College will not provide subsidy on higher specification options.
  • By subscribing to the monthly payment scheme, you will be entering into a credit agreement directly with our supplier. City of Portsmouth College is not authorised to provide independent financial advice and will not be involved in the collection of your payments.
  • A bursary is available where your annual household income is less than £26,000 per year, or is in receipt of certain state benefits.
  • iPad devices provided at no cost via a College bursary may have been previously used and remain the property of the College. You will need to return the device when you finish your studies.
Purchase your iPad now

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