Level 4 Professional Accounting or Tax Technician Apprenticeship Standard for Adults

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Level 4 Professional Accounting Technician Apprenticeship Standard

This apprenticeship is designed as a continuation from Level 3, the role of a professional accounting or tax technician will have responsibility for creating, and/or verifying and reviewing, accurate and timely financial information within the organisation in which they are employed or on behalf of another organisation. This will be performed to meet relevant ethical, professional, and legal standards, and will utilise your knowledge of the business systems and processes, as well as standard accounting and tax practices. This role may exist in an accounting practice, a professional services company, HMRC or the accounting function of a business or other organisation. Examples of roles as a professional accounting or tax technician include, but are not limited to, assistant auditor, assistant management accountant, assistant financial accountant, accounts payable and expenses supervisor, commercial analyst, payroll manager, senior bookkeeper, senior financial officer or tax investigations officer.

You must have access to real work, which is valid and productive, providing opportunities to develop, practice and evidence knowledge and skills that you have learned.

It is a government requirement that the employer is expected to provide and support the opportunity for off-the-job training for a minimum 6 hours per week. Defined as technical and knowledge development, this type of learning is undertaken outside the normal day-to-day working environment. It can include activities such as attending College, online learning, mentoring, role play, attendance at competitions and events, or revision and assignments set as course work and homework.

The apprenticeship contains three mandatory and two optional units which are assessed individually at the end of each unit, and there is a synoptic assessment at the end of the qualification, which draws on and assesses knowledge and understanding from across the whole qualification.

Units include:

  • applied management accounting
  • drafting and interpreting financial statements
  • internal accounting systems and controls.

Optional units - two of the following (subject to availability):

  • audit and assurance
  • business tax
  • cash and financial management
  • credit and debt management
  • personal tax.

You will also develop business communications and lifelong learning skills, applying what you learn on the course to the wider industry.

You will need maths and English GCSE 9-4 (A*-C) or Functional Skills Level 2 and provide certificates, together with the AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Level 3), or an equivalent professional accounting qualification.

You will have to complete a maths and English assessment to judge suitability. You will not be able to achieve your apprenticeship without completing the required maths and English qualification.

You will be required to apply directly to the AAT for Student Membership, for which there is an annual fee. This will be payable by you or your employer, and is renewable each year. Due to the professional nature of this qualification, there are strict terms and conditions of membership, in particular regarding criminal convictions. Without membership you will not be able to complete the examinations. For further details please go to: https://www.aat.org.uk/ membership/aat-student-membership

One day a week at the Highbury Campus during term-time. Additional attendance at College may be required during half-terms/holidays for workshops and revision sessions.

You are required to build a portfolio of your work. An assessor will be in regular contact to provide support, and to arrange on-site visits to observe your ability and skills in your daily role. It is important for you to take ownership of your own learning by seeking out opportunities to gain new skills on the job. You will be required to upload and submit your portfolio of evidence to SEPA for review.

The End Point Assessment is a structured interview that is held in a Smart Room. The training provider is responsible for ensuring you can complete the discussion in a suitable environment, either the training provider's or employer's premises. Also, part of the End Point Assessment is a synoptic assessment. The entire process from discussion to results may take up to six weeks. The results from the synoptic assessment will also take up to six weeks to be issued. Both assessment elements are graded individually. A minimum of 70% is needed to achieve a pass for the synoptic assessment, while the structured interview will be graded a fail, pass or distinction. Both results will be combined to provide an overall grade for the apprenticeship.

School Leavers under the age of 19 do not have to pay fees on any full time courses, though may have to pay for their second year if turning 19 during their studies. If you’re aged 19 or over you might qualify for an Advanced Learner Loan. It’s easy to apply for and you won’t have to pay anything back until you’re earning over £25,000. If you are studying a part-time course and you receive one of the following benefits, or you depend financially on someone who does, you may be entitled to have your tuition fees waived: Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support. You will, however, have to pay any awarding body/assessment fees (unless you are on a first full level 2 course). * If you are in receipt of Working Tax Credit or receive other allowances, you may be eligible to claim concessionary rates. If you are entitled to a fee concession you will be asked to provide proof of your entitlement. It is essential that you inform us if your entitlement changes at any time during your course.

You can work towards chartered accountancy and/or relevant undergraduate qualifications.

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