Students throwing paint to celebrate the Holi Festival

Level 3 Travel and Tourism students really got into the spirit of the Hindu Holi Festival of Colours, Love and Spring with some impromptu paint throwing.

The students have been learning about different types of tourism through their course, including cultural tourism and the importance of cultural identity and the tourist impact of different religious festivals. 

We investigated the story behind Holi and the significance of it. The students thought it sounded fun and had a great time throwing the paint and exploring the customs and cultures of others,” said Jo Chaffin, Curriculum Manager, Business and Travel.

She said it was the first time we had explored this festival although students have previously engaged with and explored other festivals that impact on tourism around the world. 

“We’d love to do it again and have other groups around college join us,” she added. “Next time we’d also like to try the traditional foods.”  

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