Staff from the Sophie Scholl Vocational College in Germany are seen with their English counterparts at City of Portsmouth College.

We've linked up with a German college in a new cross-cultural alliance. As part of the scheme, students from both countries will be able to take part in week-long exchange visits.

Staff from the Sophie Scholl Vocational College in Duisburg have already visited Portsmouth, where they toured the COPC campuses and learned about local traditions, including Portsmouth’s mayor-making ceremony.

The joint project is being supported by an organisation called UK-German Connection, which acts as the bilateral government agency for school and youth links between the two countries.

COPC Assistant Principal Deana Stone said despite the UK no longer being part of Europe, UK-German Connection remains dedicated to supporting partnerships, offering intercultural opportunities, and facilitating connections between schools, youth groups and young people in both countries.

“We’re absolutely delighted to be part of this very exciting initiative which really opens doors to new opportunities for students here in Portsmouth and at the Sophie Scholl Vocational College,” she said.

“It’s fantastic to be involved with such a wonderful cross-cultural exchange and we can’t wait to welcome our first German students here in Portsmouth.”

UK-German Connection say with international exchange currently facing a number of challenges, it’s now more important than ever to keep the connections alive.

Their website says they are committed to ensuring that the opportunities offered are flexible, accessible and tailored to the current needs of schools, youth groups and young people.

“Bringing young people together is at the heart of our work and the core of our mission. We do this through a range of grants, advisory services, networks and programmes – both in-person and digital.”

A joint project between the two colleges is now being developed under the working title ‘Be digital and stay healthy! Lifelong cultures come together’.

It focuses on digital skills in the working world and how to use them in a healthy way.

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