Acrylic Painting Studio for Adults

Course Code: Q260176

Key Information

  • Course type

    Hobby & Leisure

  • Campus:

    Highbury Campus

  • Start Date:

    April 2023

  • Duration:

    8 weeks

  • Attendance:


  • Adult fee:


This course is for anyone interested in learning how to paint portraits and landscapes with some basic knowledge of painting in acrylic, watercolour or oil.

You will learn the skill needed to paint captivating portraits and landscapes with detail and depth. You will explore painting in monochrome tones and in the full colour spectrum. There is some drawing for composition involved at the beginning. For the portraits, the grid technique for enlarging images will be used. In the landscape genre painting techniques such as wet in wet, dry brush and glazing will be fully explored. The efficient use of brushes, palette knives and other tools for creating rich textures and interesting effects will be going on throughout the course.


  • how to paint portraits, sculptures and landscapes with acrylic paint
  • how to use brushes, palettes and other tools efficiently for painting
  • how to use the grid technique for enlarging images
  • how to mix acrylic paint according to the colour wheel and how to mix skin tones in particular
  • the use of painting techniques such as glazing, wet in wet, scumbling, etc
  • how to develop a personal painting style.

Some basic knowledge of painting in acrylic, watercolour or oil.

Non qualification course

Thursdays, 6-8pm.


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