Two Highbury Campus automotive students, both studying a Technical Diploma IMI Level 3 celebrate their success in accepting a part-time job with Richmond Hyundai, following a successful week of work experience with the company.

Cody and Tayler will now be working 3 days a week alongside their studies here at Highbury Campus 2 days a week.  The job offers come with the condition that the boys both successfully complete their studies, so the well-paid jobs are incentivised.

At the end of the next three/four months if everything has gone well, Richmond Hyundai is planning to take these two students on full-time and putting them through their own dealer apprenticeship - Cody and Tayler could very easily be set up on their careers for life!

Cody said ”I am looking forward to having the opportunity and the ability to develop my skills, especially having the chance to work on newer electric cars."

Does an apprenticeship in the automotive industry interest you? Visit to find out more.

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